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04.01.2017 OLEDB Direct becomes free. Version with source code can be downloaded from http://www.oledbdirect.com/downloads/full/. Regisration key is "Free version|14FD41A13DB44DB2" (without qoutes). Versions for newer Delphi and C++ Builder are not planned.
24.07.2006 OLEDB Express is updated to version Bug fixes update.
11.06.2006 OLEDB Direct and OLEDB Express are updated to version 2.00. Included support for Delphi 2006.
22.08.2005 OLEDB Direct and OLEDB Express are updated to version 1.90. Current release contains minor enhancements and bug-fixes.
14.02.2005 OLEDB Direct and OLEDB Express for Delphi 2005 are released.
11.10.2004 OLEDB Direct starts tests with MS SQL Server 2005 beta.
04.10.2004 OLEDB Direct is updated.
  • ExecuteRow() method is added. It executes query and return values from first row as array of Variant.
  • Locate is enhanced to work on server-side cursor too.
  • Minor enhancements.
15.06.2004 OLEDB Direct is updated.
  • ExecuteScalar() method is added on TOLEDBDataSource/TOLEDBSession. It executes SQL command and returns value of first row/first column as Variant. It is very effective for queries like "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [MyTable]".
  • TOLEDBDataSet/TOLEDBCommandDataSet now raise EDatabaseException in most cases instead of EOLEDBException.
  • Enhancements in bindings that use memory by reference (using DBTYPE_BYREF).
  • Memory leak in TOLEDBDataSource is fixed.

Major update for OLEDB Express - dbExpress driver for OLEDB data sources.
  • Setting parameters is completely rewritten and is more effective now.
  • Support for stored procedures for MS SQL Server.
  • Support for multiple resultsets if their are supported by OLEDB provider.
03.05.2004 OLEDB Direct is updated. Bug with inserts in TOLEDBDataSet/TOLEDBCommandDataSet with DevExpress grid if fixed. Minor changes.
23.02.2004 OLEDB Direct is updated. Bug with BLOB fields in TOLEDBCommandDataSet if fixed. TOLEDB(Command)DataSet now allows columns with duplicated names.
05.02.2004 OLEDB Direct is updated. Enhanced compatibility with DevExpress grid. Locate() is added for TDataSet descendants.
06.01.2004 OLEDB Direct is updated. Moving to new row in TDataSet descendant now calls Post() instead of Cancel(). Minor bug fixes.
28.09.2003 OLEDB Direct is updated. Enhanced compatibility with non-standard COM activation. Help is completely recreated.
19.06.2003 OLEDB Direct is updated. Some bugs are fixed.
28.09.2002 Version for Delphi 7 is released.
02.09.2002 Update is released. New features for work wiTD streams and client cursor (locate etc.) are added. Version for Delphi/BCB 6 includes now Oledb Express - dbExpress driver for MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel.
28.06.2002 Minor update is released. It corrects some bugs on working wiTD BLOB data.