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OleDb Express is dbExpress driver for MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel and other OLEDB providers. It works with not all oledb providers. To work with OLEDB Express OLEDB provider must be able to determine command parameters from command text and support convertion of string data to/from BSTR.

OleDb Express is included in OLEDB Direct Components Suite.

Source code of OleDb Express is available in OLEDB Direct Components Suite full version (with source code).

Microsoft SQL Server

You can specify Database, User_name and Password. Database corresponds to Initial Catalog property in ADO connection string. If user_name is empty string then Integrated security=SSPI is used.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Yukon

Set drive name to "ODE CCE" (Oledb Express Client Cursor Engine) and enter connection string into Params 'Database' in the form:
Provider=SQLNCLI; Integrated Security=SSPI; Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS; Initial catalog=DbName

Microsoft Jet

Database is file name of MS Access database. Connection uses with Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider.

Microsoft Excel

Database is file name of MS Excel file. Connection uses with Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider with Extended properties=Excel 8.0.


Database is connection string to your database. User_name and password are ignored. Not all oledb providers are supported. Connection uses oledb provider without ADO engine, so some parts of connection string that are ADO specific are ignored.

Client Cursor Engine

Connects to database with Client Cursor Engine (ADO engine). Connection string is completely compatible with ADO connection string. Database is connection string to your database. User_name and password are ignored.

To work with this provider it is very recommended to download last Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) http://www.microsoft.com/data.

Please send you suggestions and bug-reports to support@oledbdirect.com and bugs@oledbdirect.com respectively.